Elayne Kalila Doughty

Magdalene Rose Oracle

The Reclamation Of
Your Feminine Magic

Reclaim Your Feminine Magic

We’ve been waiting in the darkness–in the rich cave held by the womb of the Mother.

We’ve always been here.

We’re the sisters and daughters of the Magdalene Rose:

Vessels of brilliance,

Alchemists of love.

This oracle is a magical gift, encoded with a message that’s been waiting thousands of years to be remembered by you … by us.

Its purpose is to help you reclaim your feminine magic—specifically the feminine magic of the Magdalene.

We all carry this within us.

It’s our birthright; it‘s natural within us, and we’re remembering how to activate it.

The Magdalene is calling you...

Resurgence of the Divine Magdalene Consciousness

After being hidden for eons, we’re now welcoming back the Magdalene consciousness.

These stunning cards are a loving transmission of the teachings I’ve received over several years. They’re a gift to all of us as we walk this profound path of spiritual maturation
and rebirth.

May they serve you in the awakening and remembrance of who you are.

May they support you to be in sacred union with all parts of who
you are—marrying shadow and light.

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6 Spoken Word Magdalene Rose Transmissions

6 individual readings, by Elayne Kalila, of each Magdalene transmission from the Magdalene Rose oracle book (included in the deck).

You’ll receive oral activations & imprints from all 6 faces of the Magdalene.

Plus, you’ll hear additional, rare oracular messages from Elayne Kalila.

Each transmission is 15-20 mins.

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Before you select a card…

These cards are designed to create deep contact with the teachings of the Magdalene Rose.

They’re a divination tool to aid you in the reclamation of your feminine magic and power in all its forms.

Consider feeling into a soul question
(open-ended question) … or no question at all, and see what the mystery brings you as guidance.

Take a few deep breaths all the way to your belly, feeling connected to your heart. When you’re ready, shuffle the cards and select a card.