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Return of the

Notorious Red Women

Celebrate the Birth of the Magdalene Rose Oracle

Our Fabulous Podcast Speakers & Magdalene Celebrants

July 23–30

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Aja (Sole) Shah

Hip hop queen, tantric yogini, martial artist, and devotee of the Goddess
Womb Magick

Anahita Joon

Modern-day priestess, healer, medicine woman & credentialed spiritual counselor
Madonna/Whore Split

Anasuya Isaacs

Art Activist: Intentional Creativity teacher, WomanSpeak trainer, painter, mystic
Black Madonna & Mother God

Annabel Du Boulay

International teacher, speaker, author, & founder of the Avalon Rose Chapel®
The Power of Venus

Collette Corcoran

Mystic, teacher of sacred sexuality, founder of Sacred Rose Temple
Aphrodite, Artemis, and Magdalene

Diana DuBrow

Founder of Emerald Temple anointing oils & Scent Priestess trainings
The Magdalenas & the Myrrhophores

Elayne Kalila Doughty

Ordained Priestess, Psychotherapist,
Founder & Dean of
Priestess Presence Mystery School and Temple
The Notorious Red Women

Kathleen McGowan

New York Times & global best-selling author, foremost expert in the field of
women’s histories
Modern Day Magdalenas

Dr. Marguerite Rigoglioso

Foremost authority on the history of virgin birth, author, founder of a Magdalene mystery school
The 7 Mysteries of Magdalene

Marin Bach-Antonson

Magdalene Rose priestess, mystic, founder of Priestess Rising Mystery School
Rose Lineage

Tami Brunk

Shamanic astrologer, permaculture designer, dream healer
Venus Cycle Mysteries

Dr. Nicola Amadora

Spiritual Teacher & psychologist
The Heart of the Magdalene


Writer, author, eco-feminist
The Madonna Secret

Sue Ellen Parkinson

Iconographer, mystic, sacred painter
The Magdalene Speaks Through Us

Thema Azize Serwa

Empowerment mogul, speaker, & leading expert in the vaginal steaming industry
Womb Healing & Power

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Consider feeling into a soul question
(open-ended question) … or no question at all, and see what the mystery brings you as guidance.

Take a few deep breaths all the way to your belly, feeling connected to your heart. When you’re ready, shuffle the cards and select a card.